Why Climate Change Should Be Called Climate Collapse

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Mark All My Words

It amazes me there’s any debate over the existence of climate change–which should rightly be called climate collapse. So much evidence points to the inevitable conclusion that our world is being changed for the worst and doing so at an alarming rate.

So Here’s the Problem

Let me give a short list of examples: 1) the polar ice caps are melting; 2) forest fires are becoming increasingly common and increasingly dangerous; 3) birds are migrating earlier in winter and later in spring; 4) cold-dependent species are being forced to higher altitudes and becoming smaller in size; 5) plants are blooming earlier and losing their leaves later; 6) parasitic organisms that thrive in warm climates are expanding their range into previously uninhabitable territory.

In short, this planet is being eviscerated in front of our very eyes, and yet corporate media and the political establishment continue to engage in the…

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