Thinking vs emotional???


When you are in supermarket, grocery store, hyper market,boutique, how’s your buying pattern?

Are you buying what you need or what you want?

Are you buying based on the influence of your senses?

e.g, you see, you sense, you smell, you hear, you touch…

After your lunch or dinner, you are full.. However when you pass by a cake shop, your eyes look at a slice of  beautiful decorate cake, your nose smell it’s taste yummy, you hear the compliment from others on how tasty is the cake, your saliva like coming out….

What is your reaction?

Even though, you are full, your body is taking action to walk to cashier and buy the cake and enjoy it.

Have you experience the above?

This case is clearly showing the emotion dominated.

Another example, A person who love to drink alcohol, he’ll keep mention that “Why can’t I drink, I can…

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