Be close to nature…

And while you are walking remember to breathe
Peace and love


How often do you take an outdoor walk?

To look at the sky, tree, flowers, animal friends, and enjoy clean air.

Do you allocate any of your precious time on this activity?

Whenever, you are in “Restless”, “Stress”, “tension”, “worry”, “Fear” or any negative emotion, it’s great to take a nature walk.

Look at the sky,

it might cover by cloud,  the cloud will move away,

it might rain, the rain will stop too,

It might be sunshine, sunset, moon…

it might be windy too..

Non of this will affect the sky,

The sky will remain the same.

As such, just look at the nature, all element are “arise and go”.

It’ll help you to return to the peace and calm mind.

You can contemplate better once you are in peace and calm.

Be close to nature!

“The earth has music for those who listen.”
by  George Santayana


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