It’s time to change…

IMHO I think so, what do you think?

Tranquil Space


Have there been times, when you have received a feedback about yourself that you thought did not fit into ‘your view’ of yourself? Have you ever been stuck in a conversation where you did not mean to say something or use a particular tone, but the other person insisted that you did? Have you ever caught yourself thinking – ‘Yikes…why did I say that’?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’ then here is a condensed version of an exercise that I have designed and which I use with my clients. It is a simple question and answer module in tandem with a well-known short verse, that might indicate your inner patterns and programming for the basic areas in your life. This module is a concise version. The module presented here or my blog post is in no way to be considered as therapy. This, as my…

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