I love to do gardening and spend time to look closely to all lovely plant, all are so unique and beautiful. Most important, there are plenty of good lesson of life for us to learn. When there are changes of the plant, e.g. Falling leaves, turn to yellow, no flowers…, take time to observe what is the actual reason.

I remembered one time, our lovely lemon tree at the backyard just behind our neighbor kitchen. Out of no reason (good nutrition, sunlight, watering and love) that the lemon’s leaves were roll up, kept turning to yellow color and dried up. We are curious, what was going on…

During this period of time, our neighbor was kept shouted and scolded her maid in the kitchen, it created the negative energy and it effected to the lovely lemon tree. The tree also in “fear” and “depress”, like it wanted to runaway and…

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