One Life to LIve

The Neighborhood

Where there is war, war does not have to exist.
–  Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

One Life to LIve Street life by (M)

One  Until we stop, we have no idea how tall we will grow. Until we quit, the sky remains the limit on high we can soar. Until we wake up, how do we know that the world has not stopped. And until we die, we will never know how long we will live.  Chance may be a bettor’s sport, one we wish not to play, but even though we live separate lives, we are all in the same game. A drunken driver may tempt chance, that they are feeling fine. Travelling on the road again, excited to get back home, obeying every traffic rule, clean and sober still,  hands on nine and three, safety belt secure. One mile till the off ramp and only four blocks from there, but our game collides…

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