Wildlife Saturday

Here’s one from yesterday that didn’t make the cut to Louis Dallara Photography

I don’t always shot wildlife but when I DO I use Olympus Cameras. lol

Canadian Geese
For the Birds lol

Falsi e inesistenti, il dubbio dell’Arte



The Entertainer Blogger Award !

Cool Beans


It’s award nomination time again! My heartfelt Thanks to Lorelle from “A mindful traveller ” for the Entertainer Blogger Award nomination. I am so humbled and honored .This nomination is for being a blogger who is fun, inspiring and entertaining. It is wonderful to  be recognized by a fellow blogger for  your efforts and I truly appreciate this kind gesture. Lorelle is a passionate traveller and has an amazing travel blog where she shares her journey , explorations , recipes and all that she loves and her tag line says it all “To travel is to live”. You will definitely love reading her experiences, journey and recipes. Do visit A mindful traveller and check out for yourself! Enjoy 🙂


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John Muir

The grand show is eternal It is always sunrise somewhere. John Muir


Photographer of the Week: December 25 ~ 29, 2017 — Photofocus – Feed

Every weekday, Monday through Friday, Photofocus curators present a great photograph in the categories of Travel, Beauty, Outdoor, Sports, and Street, respectively. The selected photograph earns its creator the title “Photographer of the Day.” Their work has touched us and we hope, it touches, inspires & invigorates you as well. Each curator shares what they love……

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Source: 旭川のいなせな夏。永山屯田まつり2017