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A preamble before our walk on El Caminito del Rey:

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Did Women Invent Yoga?

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mothergoddess(matrika)mid-6thcentury Matrika/Mother Goddess, Mid-6th Century, India (Rajasthan, Tanesara)

If you don’t think yoga is a feminist issue try suggesting as author and feminist historian Vicki Noble does, that women invented the ancient practice. Noble’s assertion defies the common myth that women were not allowed to practice yoga until the past century. But as Tantric scholar Ramesh Bjonnes writes “women have been gurus, healers, yoginis, and Goddesses since the beginning of time”. 

Today the majority of yoga practitioners are women. While fair access to downward dog might seem on the surface like a feminist victory, Noble and other feminist researchers tell a very different story. They ask – why are women still practicing a form of yoga developed by men – only for men? In fact, their research is uncovering evidence of an alternative, much more ancient female centered yoga practice that preceded the Vedic yogis by thousands of years.

Who knew?

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Aspects of the Divine Mother

Beautiful images and words that helps me understand mother nature better, Thanks jeff

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May is a month of gratitude and celebration of the feminine

aspect of God

God the Mother

who creates and nurtures all things, including ourselves.

                  The beauty of May draws us out of hibernation into  natural mindfulness of the blessings and                            abundance of nature. Gratitude and mindfulness are intimately related, for as we practice                                  gratitude we come more aware, more present.

                                                                                              We wake up.


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